Using Experience of upgraded iOS 13 Developer Beta 3 for iPhone 8


Many iPhone users have entangled an issue: is it necessary for iPhone 8, the last non-full-screen iPhone, to upgrade the system? Previously, when upgrading to iOS 11, some users reported that their mobile phones had problems such as the automatic reduction of frequency, screen lagging, no touching and no auto-brightness function on phones that replaced with parts from the third party. Although iOS 12 has fixed these problems, there are still many existed. For example, from iPhone 8 on, as long as you change the screen, you can no longer use the true tone display function. So, what improvements have been made to iOS 13 Developer Beta 3 (hereafter referred to as "iOS 13")? Does iPhone 8 need to be upgraded to iOS 13? Let us find out.

According to the user, the latest beta version of the iOS system has the following benefits:

1. There are light and dark display modes in iOS 13 system. In dark mode, the interface of the phone is displayed in black. This mode also allows the iPhone X with OLED screen to save more power and reduce the risk of burn-in.


2. iOS 13 can automatically silence calls from unknown numbers. When this feature is turned on, the phone will automatically mute if there is an unknown call, so that even if there is a harassing call during the break, it will not be disturbed.


3. iOS 13 has changed the display of certain features: the volume bar is displayed at the top left of the screen; the small dot icon becomes smaller; and no need to firmly press the app icon to view the menu. Long press and then release the icon can realize the 3D Touch function. According to the feedback, the touching experience of 3D Touch is the same as the Haptic Touch’s. 

4, Compared to iOS 12, iOS 13 CarPlay has a big change in the main interface. Except the adjustment of UI icons, CarPlay's main interface has also added a light/dark display mode. It can be adjusted to automatic or permanent dark mode in the setting interface.


5, iOS 13 can integrate the map, common location, navigation, music and calendar into the CarPlay home page, which shows a better visualization and is easier to operate.


6. When driving under the complicated road condition or need to change the route to main or side road, the CarPlay navigation interface of iOS 13 will automatically enter the simulated real-view navigation mode, allowing a better navigation.


7. iOS 13 CarPlay music interface has added singer photos, making the selection of songs more convenient.


8. iOS 13 allows the separate operation of the phone screen and the car screen.

9, iOS13 CarPlay have added the calendar, which is similar to the mobile calendar and can display the schedules of yesterday, today and tomorrow.

Except the above advantages, the beta version of iOS 13 also has various bugs, such as the automatic flashback of Kings of glory, Tik Tok and QQ voice call; WeChat small video cannot be recorded; some banks' apps cannot input with the keyboard and so on, which will cause inconvenience to the user.

In summary, users are not recommended to upgrade the iOS 13 developer beta 3. It’s better to upgrade the system after Apple release the official version in September and fix the above bugs. If you really want to experience the new version, you can upgrade it on your backup phone instead.

Finally, I would like to ask you a question: do you know why the Auto-Brightness function is placed under the Display and Text Size of the Accessibility? Looking forward to your answers.