Apple Intimidate Repair By Locking iPhone Batteries for the X series


Since the launch of iOS 12 repair tech’s have been noticing a disturbing trend. Any time a battery replaced on nan iPhone XS, XS Max and XR battery health diagnostics would report that the installed battery was unable to be verified as an authentic Apple battery and the battery health info would be disabled.

Important Battery Message
Unable to verify this iPhone has a genuine Apple battery. Health information not available for this battery.


This happened even when the installed battery was known to be an authentic apple part. So, if you thought that apple had stopped attacking independent repair think again, they now appear to be aggressively locking down even the most basic battery replacements by pairing your battery to your phone.

This issue was first noticed in China before anybody in any other market really said anything about it. So, the phones that are affected XS, XS Max and XR are still under AppleCare warranty. Battery issues really aren’t a thing right now unless the users specifically need it for a specific reason. We did test on iOS 12, iOS 12.1 to 12.4 and iOS 13 beta and all these versions showed the issue for X series. But luckily, we did not find this issue with older generation of iPhones with the newer iOS version.

After doing some more research into the electronics of the iPhone batteries we found the cause of this issue. A battery fuel gauge that has a secure memory key, which apple has activated essentially locking the battery to the phone.


Now the job of this chip is to function as a fuel gauge. When you look at a box when you first buy something you see bullet points on there that describes the features. One of the most ridiculous small features is that it’s got a lock on it that’s just one of the features of it and that’s not the main function. The main function is the intermediary fuel gauge between the phone itself and the actual battery, it is taking averages of charging and discharging from the battery to ascertain what the true capacity really is. Which is the feature that Apple is locking people out of when they replace the battery of the X series.

This gauge can also help tell the cycle count of the charge and discharge and hold the actual parameters of charging. So, when they program this chip in the factory, they can set them accordingly so that it charges properly and safely, that’s where the over current protection, over voltage protection and lot of the safety of an iPhone battery comes from this special little TI chip.

Now the main question is that when you replace the battery the whether the battery work or not? Yes, most definitely it works. Users can plug it in and the phone will function properly just they won’t be able to use the super Apple feature of known as the Battery Health.


Fixtor will continue to monitor this issue and hopefully find a way to get around this lock which was implemented by Apple. Let us know if you have a solution for this. Until next time thank you.