Apple Prohibits Third Parties from Changing Batteries, Will You Change the Original Battery Immediately? Wait!


After 1 or 2 years of use, many users will find that the battery life of the iPhone is only half of that when you first got your phone, they need to charge the iPhone just after one morning, if you check the battery health information, you will find that the battery loss is serious. Almost every iPhone user's solution is to change the battery, but when it comes time to change the battery, the phone has basically passed the free warranty period, and the price of changing the battery in the official store is very high.

Apple prohibits third parties from changing batteries, Will you change the original battery immediately? Wait!

It's expensive to replace the original battery in Apple store. In order to save money, many users will choose to replace the battery in third-party mobile phone repair shop or online platform. But in August this year, apple began to disable the use of third-party batteries on the iPhone. In the latest IOS 12 and IOS 13, apple activated a function called "sleep software lock", which limits the function of unofficial replacement of iPhone Battery

The "hidden device" secretly added by apple in the new IOS is a system level "sleep software lock". Once the function is activated and the user changes the battery at a non-Apple designated service point, the system will display "this iPhone is unable to determine battery health”. This battery has no health information. (Unable to verify this iPhone has a genuine Apple battery. Health information not available for this battery)

Apple prohibits third parties from changing batteries, Will you change the original battery immediately? Wait!

Which iPhone models have this issue?

At present, the "sleep software lock" is only activated on the iPhone's XR, XS, XS max, 11, 11pro, and 11 Max Pro iPhones (that is, the iPhone with A12 & A13 chips). Although the battery health function cannot be used and will not affect other functions of the iPhone, after it disappears, the user cannot see the battery health index, the maximum capacity or peak performance capacity cannot be displayed.

So many users said: Apple deprived them of the right to freely use third party batteries. (of course, it's also because the official battery replacement is expensive). Fortunately, at present, neither the iPhone X or any models which are below iPhone X will have this problem, and they can be replaced normally. Of course, it doesn't rule out that Apple's later updated system will not control the old models. So, it is very important to choose a stable third-party battery.

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The secret of sleep software lock function -- chip on battery

Apple prohibits third parties from changing batteries, Will you change the original battery immediately? Wait!

The interfaces on the battery connector are the positive and negative poles of the battery (responsible for powering the mobile phone) and the data interface (responsible for reporting the battery status to the mobile phone), and the interface leads to the TI (Texas Instruments) battery meter chip of the battery protection board. When there is a risk or the data requirements are not met, the main board will automatically shut down or prompt that the non-original battery does not display the battery health status according to the feedback data.

Apple's ability to accurately detect battery changes is related to the TI (Texas Instruments) battery meter chip on the battery, which is 27546. It can provide iPhone with battery information, such as battery capacity, temperature and time before full discharge. The "lock" is triggered because the battery authentication key does not match the iPhone. After replacing the original battery, this prompt will still appear. TI (Texas Instruments) battery meter chip (just like MFI chip in lighting data line) not only identifies the battery parameters and serial numbers, but also carries a new "switch mark". Before each iPhone leaves the factory, the body will match the battery once. At this time, the waiting switch is marked as 0 (off state), whether it is a third party or the original battery. Due to the battery coding If the number is inconsistent with the original battery number, the switch mark status code will change to 1 (and cannot be reversed), and the system will display the above service prompt. In fact, this message will appear when Apple or its authorized service dealer changes the battery, but they have the ability to reset the service status. (it is believed that they will use the device to refresh the "switch source code" on the iPhone, but it is not known whether the matching information is stored on the IOS system or Apple's official server).

It can be seen that the core stability control of the battery lies in the customized TI (Texas Instruments) electricity meter chip. Therefore, only by ensuring the stability of the control chip in the battery protection board, can the quality of the battery be better. At present, many third-party batteries do not use TI (Texas Instruments) electricity meter chip, and uneven Taiwan chip, single-chip voltmeter scheme, etc. These quality levels and stability cannot be compared with TI (Texas Instruments) electrometer chip.

Apple's official statement

Apple has provided a statement to the media on this matter, confirming that it has indeed launched a "new function", which will display the above information when carrying out unauthorized battery repair, in order to protect consumers from "damaged, poor quality or second-hand batteries".

"We attach great importance to the safety of users and want to ensure that any battery replacement is performed correctly. Now there are more than 1800 authorized Apple service providers in the United States, so our users can have more convenient access to high-quality maintenance services.

“Last year, we introduced a new feature. If we can't verify that a new battery was replaced and installed by a certified technician according to Apple's maintenance process, we will notify users. This information helps protect our users from damage, poor quality, or old batteries that can cause safety or performance problems. This notice does not affect the user's ability to use the phone after unauthorized repair. "

Recommendations for battery replacement

The purpose of Apple's doing this is obvious. It is to ensure the safety of users, specially Apple, which has experienced the iPhone 6S automatic shutdown event, will definitely check any link to eliminate the hidden danger of battery. In fact, Apple has always done this. Although the app ecosystem is open, the hardware involved, such as the price of mobile phone accessories, has not been cheap, so they do not want any third-party encounter. Adding microcontrollers to batteries and MFI certified chips to data lines are all examples. This time, the approach to batteries is similar. Many third-party batteries not only have better parameters than the original ones, but also have better performance than the original ones. It is obvious that Apple has seen the business opportunities. But after all, the price of the official battery is too high, which, in the eyes of the outside world, damages the user's control over the product, and is completely "unfriendly to the user". This is not to protect the user, but to "prevent the user from exercising the autonomy on the equipment already owned".

1. Safety: safety is not false propaganda,but a solid material, such as TI chip, industry high-quality battery, original connector, high-strength FPC, battery safety certification, etc.

2. Stability: in terms of software, the stability mainly refers to the matching degree between the burning program and the original battery (TI chip needs to burn the monitoring battery program), while in terms of hardware, it refers to the strict quality monitoring during the complete ORT test and production process of the product.

3. Price: at present, many batteries in the market are mainly low-cost strategies. In fact, the quality of these batteries is worrying, which disrupts the order of the maintenance market. Most of these batteries use poor batteries and protection boards, and most of the chips are Taiwan and single-chip voltmeter schemes. It's amazing that many low-cost batteries cost less than high-quality batteries, which is one of the reasons why Apple launched the "sleep software lock".

How to choose a safe, stable and affordable battery? Fixtor cooperates with high-standard factories in the industry to select high-quality power cells, adopts TI + ITM original new dual IC protection scheme, and has passed the certification of CE/IEC62133/UN38.3/RoHS/REACH/MSDS of the authority. We believe that you will choose the smart option.

Apple prohibits third parties from changing batteries, Will you change the original battery immediately? Wait!