Job Position

Sales Manager
We are hiring multiple Sales Managers,if you are interested in joining the FIXTOR team, feel free to contact us!


1. Customer development: Develop customer resources through global sources inquiries, independent website drainage, social media, mail, offline exhibitions, etc.;

2. Performance development: Responsible for the negotiation and acquisition of orders, teamwork, and completion of sales tasks;

3. Customer needs: Collect customer needs and give feedback in time;

4. Customer maintenance: Customer maintenance and after-sales service are carried out in accordance with the company's pre-sales, mid-sales and after-sales standards;

5. Customer information management: Responsible for the collection, sorting and maintenance of customer information.


1. Certain marketing and sales capabilities and can develop customers independently;

2. Strong communication skills, self-discipline and execution ability;

3. Resist to live under certain working pressure;

4. Excellent learning ability, good foreign language listening, speaking, reading and writing skills;

5. 2-3 years of business experience in consumer electronics products.

If you are interested in this position,please email your resume to: