Battery Production Processes of Fixtor


The safety of battery is the most concerned issue of all the industries. The battery's price and quality in maintenance market are uneven. The main factors that influence price and quality are the raw materials qualities and process control.Today we take a look at how the high-quality batteries of Fixtor are produced.

Fixtor’s Battery Production Processes

The production processes mainly including battery cell packaging, protection board trimming and battery assembling. Today we mainly talk about battery assembling process. 

Fixtor’s Battery Production Processes

(Battery assembling process)


Each material of the battery needs to be tested according to the standard before entering the factory warehouse, and the inspection standard of each material in the battery is different. It is necessary to ensure that each material can meet the requirements of the Fixtor in the assembly quality.

Battery Cell

Inspection comprises: appearance, dimension, capacity, consumption and so on.

The inspection of protection circuit board comprises: dimension of protection circuit board, impedance, degree of welding spot on PAD and PIN, contact point is oxidated or not, coverage area of sealant installation, software inspection,nickel is level or not, without blot and so on.

The inspection of auxiliary material: dimension, environmental protection,appearance and so on.


Different materials will be put into different warehouses if they are up to the standard. And different materials need different storage condition.

Battery cell warehouses: storage temperature:18℃~25℃,humidity:40%RH-60%RH

Protection circuit board warehouses: storage temperature:5℃~28℃, humidity:30%RH ~70%RH

Auxiliary material warehouses: storage temperature:15℃~30℃,humidity:45%RH -75%RH


The appearance of battery is dependent on different countries silkprint`s authentication logo and battery specification parameter. Silkprint that correctly and canonically can increase the possibility of customs final clearance. Silkprint`s ink must meet the EU`s environmental requirement. And silkprint`s attachment requirement must pass eraser test.

Fixtor’s Battery Production Processes

Loading Battery Cell

After finishing silkprint, battery cell will put into automatic equipment in order to production. The equipment will choose battery cell into the next process sequentially by means of conveyor belt.

Fixtor’s Battery Production Processes

Battery Cell OCV Test & Cutting Tap

This process will go on battery cell OCV test (also known as open-circuit voltage test and internal resistance test ). Battery cell will be choose as defective products automatically if its open-circuit voltage or internal resistance test can not up to the setting requirement. Qualified battery cell will go into next process after cutting tap.

Fixtor’s Battery Production Processes

Battery Cell Sticking Insulation Adhesive

Before the folding of battery cell and protective board, insulation protection needs to be carried out.Battery cell and protection circuit board need to be added with insulating materials, in order to increase insulation ability.

Fixtor’s Battery Production Processes

PCM and Cell Welding

Battery cell and protective board are fixed by automatic arm and welded together by laser to form a whole. The quality of solder joint depends on the wavelength and energy setting of laser welding machine, and the good welding point is required to be clear and firm. Battery quality problems can be avoided due to poor welding.

Fixtor’s Battery Production Processes

Battery Function Test & Install the Holder

This process is for fixing battery cell and protection circuit board ,and ensuring battery function of their semi-finished products. Making sure that above-mentioned process is pass, then the next process can be conduced.

Fixtor’s Battery Production Processes

Edge Protective Sticking

Adding final insulating material, which makes battery pleasing to the eyes and increases insulating ability.

Fixtor’s Battery Production Processes

Battery Function Test & Appearance Inspection

Taking the final function test and appearance inspection, in order to make sure that every battery`s appearance and function can up to the standards.

Fixtor’s Battery Production Processes


Being the base on the accurately automatic production,the strict material inspection and the precise quality control,Fixtor always maintains its quality and lowers its RMA rate in after-sales markets. We make sure that every materials used in battery must up to Fixtor`s standards. Only safe,stable and reliable battery can bring you an excellent experience. Fixtor is your best choice.


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