FIXTOR is an electronic device maintenance company with an experience of over 11 years by a group of talented engineers who constantly explored new technologies since the foundation of the company in 2010. With the commitment to provide consumers with reliable and stable products and technologies, FIXTOR continuously explore new ways and perspective to explain the electronic maintenance industry to consumers.

In recent years, there is an unexpected phenomenon in the aftermarket industry with many shoddy goods having different quality in the same batch and there is no after-sales service after getting the product. FIXTOR realizes that the electronic maintenance industry does not have a relatively stable quality standard and after-sales specifications. This is the main motivator for FIXTOR to be founded as a brand, because we firmly believe that quality and service are the key to the entire aftermarket industry.

During these 11 years, the FIXTOR team has continuously accumulated independent research and development experience, continuously upgraded the technical system, thoroughly understood the needs of the industry, and closely monitored the user experience. We understand that we must give customers stable product, quality after-sales service, and improvement on the repair success rate to achieve the maximum value. FIXTOR is committed to provide agents and distributors with one-year warranty and resolving the doubts of the partners. This is one of the core reasons for the agents and distributors around the world to recommend FIXTOR mobile phone replacement screens and replacement batteries.

Instead of being speculative, we try to pursue excellence without being impulsive. Highly satisfied customers experience is our forward momentum. In the future, we will continue to explore better technological applications, continue to improve and optimize product quality, and strive to become a trusted hardware provider in the mobile phone aftermarket industry.